HI QUALITY LINEMARKING is now part of Kenex Line Marking. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best service when it comes to all your line marking-related safety and compliance needs. Please contact us for more info.

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Hi Quality Linemarking

ACN: 143 733 199

Office: 1300 536 391

Email Address: enquiries@kenexstencils.com.au

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Our Services

  • Car parks
  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • Strata Properties
  • Hospitals
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Disabled logos
  • Directional lines
  • Arrows
  • All stenciling
  • Cross hatching
  • Safety walkways and zones
  • Truck parking bays
  • Loading docks
  • Antislip kerbing
  • Concrete grinding
  • Wheel stops
  • Speed humps